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Horizontal Hot Plate Welding Machine

Horizontal Hot Plate Welding Machine
Product Detailed
Horizontal Hot Plate Welding Machine 1.PLC control 2.High precision 3.Easy control

Horizontal plastic hot plate welding machine works     

   Through the weldment ultrasonic energy transmitted to the weld zone, the acoustic resistance of the weld zone two welded cross the interface, it will produce localized high temperatures. Due to poor plastic thermal conductivity, for a moment can not be timely dissemination, gathered in the weld zone, resulting in two plastic contact surface rapidly melting, coupled with a certain pressure to make it fused into one. Let the pressure when ultrasonic stopped after a few seconds to coagulation molding, so that the formation of a solid molecular chain, to achieve the purpose of welding, the welding strength can be close to raw materials strength.

Horizontal hot plate welding machine composed of

(A), cylinder: the machine a total of seven cylinders and two end caps clamping robot. a) promotion of two of the filter at both ends of the heating head cylinder.

b) to promote end cap towards the end cap heating head cylinder two.

c) To promote the feed plate, after the mobile rodless cylinder a.

d) To promote the lifting platform to move the cylinder one.

e) compression filter parts of the clamping device a cylinder.

f) these cylinders and machinery are controlled by a solenoid valve.

(B), touch screen (man-machine interface operation): This machine adopts the HITECH PWS-1711 the STN type touch screen. There are six user interface (in addition to the start and emergency stop button), the automatic and manual button, the heating time and curing time settings manually key in all institutions, PLC, process instructions can be displayed on the screen. And PLC connection, control of the automatic system.

(C), programmable logic controller (PLC) This machine adopts Japan's production of Mitsubishi FX13-30MR-001 type PLC, enter 16:00 Output 14:00. The machine will start, stop, trip switches, magnetic switches, photoelectric switches and other control signals to access the input point. All the solenoid valves, relays and light access to the output point. All of the machine control program, flowcharts by the computer to enter, store.

(D), light, electricity meters, thermostats: The light in the middle panel on the display and control the power, the solenoid valve action, institutional location, condition, action order is clear, The indicator on the right panel shows the temperature control system off state, the thermostat is used to set the desired temperature and automatically adjusts the heater temperature.

(E), electrical parts: Heater temperature control system of the power distribution of the machine is divided into the filter, the end cover heater temperature control system and PLC control system, L1, L2, L3, three-phase five-wire power supply, L1 phase for the filter heater, 24V DC power supply and PLC, L2 phase for the left side end cap heaters, L3-phase for the right side of the end cap of the heater system, operation and distribution clear.

Horizontal hot plate welding machine welding characteristics     

* smooth movement and precise control, the pressure may need to fine-tune the welding workpiece;   

*equipment versatility proper transform of a certain design, you can get the corresponding application;    

* welding depth is adjustable according to the appearance of the plastic parts and weld strength requirements, and mode of travel may be appropriate to fine-tune the desired effect;     

* programmable logic controller (PLC), automatic control system of the touch screen human-machine interface operation, the operation is simple, accurate and reliable.

Horizontal electrical plastic hot plate welding machine the scope of application     

Horizontal hot plate welding machine for products: musical instrument speakers, electrical products, auto water tank, plastic fuel tanks, fuel tanks, water bottle, oiler for welding, bumper, car dashboards, storage battery, batteries, car taillights, car intake manifold. washing machine plastic balance circle, the drum, dishwasher, water tanks, plastic doors and windows, medicine containers, plastic products and plastic packaging, PP toilet lid, PP plastic tray, PP plastic pallet, nut implanted, hot melt riveting point, LED lights, plastic hot rivet hole toy ball, Body Lotion ball, air freshener, carburetor, round containers, medical containers, medical fittings, plastic, card board, steam iron, foot bath, building templates, and other large complex plastic plastic products.

Horizontal Hot Plate Welding Machine

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